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Holistic Financial Planning

In the day of “robo-advisors” and computer-generated investment models, it is important to take a step back and look at your overall financial plan and not just an asset allocation. At PWG, we believe that every financial plan should start with real-life goals, not some cookie cutter model. By using this top-down approach, achieving your stated goals and plans takes precedence over calculating optimal portfolio allocations. Piecing together proper allocations is obviously a part of this but should not be the starting point.

Some of these life goals are planned, while other occurrences are unexpected. For instance, planned goals may include establishing legacy assets for your spouse and children, saving for your children’s college, preparing for retirement, and saving for a vacation home to name a few. Examples of unexpected occurrences which need planning include how to allocate an inheritance, planning after a divorce or death of a spouse, or dealing with the loss of a job. Regardless of the life goal or event, PWG will put you on the track to navigating that obstacle or pursuing your stated objectives.

There is much more that goes into your financial picture other than quarter to quarter returns. Consider PWG to provide that goals-based holistic financial plan for you instead of a simple rate of return.

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